Berard AIT Seminar Site

August 25, 2018 8:00am - 8:00pm -12 hours Call: Dr. Jeanne Green -864-370-2200 for more information

  • 12 SC Board approved CEU hours
  •  Includues 2 hrs Rules and Regs and 2 hrs Risk Management
    Greenville Hilton 45 W. Orchard Park Drive, Greenville S.C. (864) 232-4747 
  • Lunch and Dinner served.


We would like to invite CHIROPRACTORS to explore the possibility of integrating this effective healing art into their practices. Berard Auditory Integration Training is a perfect fit for chiropractic. In restoring function to the middle ear, the result is reorganization of the hearing and other sensory centers of the brain. Learn how this approach works and how to integrate it into your practice. It is effective and drug free and has potential to be a significant aspect of your practice.


Dr. Jeanne McDaniel Green, D.C. & Certified AIT Practitioner
Susan M. Bailey, MA, award-winning author, & Certified AIT Practitioner & Trainier
Annabel Stehli, best selling-author, speaker & Certified AIT Trainer

Annabel is known as the “Mother of AIT”. Her best selling book, Sound Of A Miracle initiated interest in Berard AIT worldwide. Annabel has tirelessly promoted AIT as a revolutionary intervention since it’s publication in 1991. She is the founder and director of the Georgiana Institute, Inc., a non-profit organization.


7:30 - Registration

8:00 - Dr. Jeanne M. Green 

           'Introduction to Berard AIT'

9:30 - Susan Bailey 

            'Where We Are Now'

11:00 - Anabel Stehli

             'History of AIT'
            LUNCH & DVD
1:30 - Dr. Beth Ehlich & Dr. Jeanne Green

          'Rules and Regulations'          

3:30 - Dr. Beth Ehlich 

          'Risk Management' 

          'HIIPA, APN'

5:30 - Annabel Stehli 

           'History - cont.'  

           DINNER & DVD                                                                                                                            

7:00 - Q and A

8:00 - Conclusion

FDA Statement on AIT


The FDA permits the following statement: 


"Auditory Integration Training remediates impairments in auditory discrimination (sound sensitivity and auditory distortion) associated with autism, learning disabilities, and related disorders - ADD, ADHD, CAPD (Central Auditory Processing Disorder), SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder), Dyslexia."